Filter by custom field of datatime type


Guys how can I put a date in a custom field
of type date/time as a filter in the report

I tried this formula but it doesn’t work:

name = “Schedule Date”
data_type = “datetime”
dimension = true

Can you help me?

Hi @DEGAN906 ,

eazyBI has only one Time dimension. Date and Datetime related information is thus imported as measures and dimension properties.

The measures are tied to the Time dimension, so when you use both in the report, the combination will return the number of issues with the specific date in the period. See an example below with the default measure “Issue created” and the Time dimension:

The picture shows the number of issues created in each Time dimension period. Similarly, when you import the Datetime custom field as a measure, you can use it in combination with the Time dimension.

See more details on how measures work with the Time dimension in the linked video - Training videos on specific topics - eazyBI

Roberts //