Filter components to one project

Hi All,

I’m trying to show tickets created by component for a particular project. To do that I need to drop down to the components hierarchy level in “project” as part of my columns, but then i can’t filter by project.

I can’t seem to figure out how to create a formula to limit the report to just one project (we have the same component names in multiple projects - predominantly using JSD).

I’d like to do things like issue type by component over time (so we can get a split of incidents, service requests, changes, etc by component over time within a particular project).

Hi @jt79,

You can use one dimension on columns (rows) and pages at the same time. There is instruction on how to do that:

If you are looking forward to using one component across multiple projects, you might want to import Component filed as separate dimension. Then you will be able to filter data only by Component name.

Please see this community post on a similar use case: Cant Select the Components even after adding Custom JavaScript code. There is described solution on how to import component as a separate dimension with JavaScript calculated custom field.

Zane /