Filter dataset for issues that have ever been in specific status

Is it possible in eazyBI to filter for issues that have ever been in a specific status?

I want a graph that shows me how many issues were resolved in each month in the past (troughput) . To get a usefull number there, it’s necessary that issues that were always in “idea” or “open” status and were just closed because they became very old are not counted.


There are standard measures of Transitions to status and Transitions from the status that can be used to check if the issue ever was in any status. As you need to report on the resolved issues, the solution would require iteration over all the issues with the Filter and the Descendants function.

The formula would be the following:

  [Measures].[Issues resolved]>0
  ([Measures].[Transitions to status],
  [Transition Status].[In Progress],

Janis, eazyBI support

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