Filter In Dashboard

I have a dashboard, and I’m using a filter for specific version. All the graphs and charts in the dashboard are filtered except for one - a risks table. How can I make the main version filter on the top of the dashboard also filtering the risks table?

Hi Paz,

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The risks table probably does not have the version on the page filters.
​If the report does not have a particular dimension on the page filters - it will not apply the filters, even if it is a common page filter for the dashboard.

​However - the solution is quick and straightforward - you need to open the report that does not have the common filter applied, add the required dimension to the page filters, and save the report.

You might want to save the modified report under a different report name to keep the original version.

You may read in eazyBI documentation about applying the page filter. ​

​Once the dimension appears on the page filters - the report will retrieve and apply the selected values from the dashboard common page filter.

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​Oskars /