Filter in report not works

I have a problem with the report in EazyBi, I have a report that indicates the total sum of the values ​​of a"Project Manager IT"

Sum (Filter([Issue].[Issue].Members, [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(“Project Manager IT”) = [Project Manager IT].CurrentMember.Name), [Measures].[% Dedication Q1 PM IT])

The problem is that when I want to filter on “Page” by a CF called “Country”, it turns out that I add up to the total problems, even if it doesn’t comply with the Country filter.

This user (attached images) has issues in Italy and Spain, but the sum should only work for Spain, for Italy it should not work because it does not have the fields informed.
EazyBiSpain EazyBiItaly

Please some help?


The problem with the code you provided is that the filter condition in the formula is based on the property of the Issue. The property “% Dedication Q3 PM IT” works only at the Issue level of the Issue dimension and in your formula it does not adjust to the filters used in the report pages. Your current formula filters the data only by the project manager IT field as it is hardcoded in the formula. Please, check more about the differences between measures and properties here:

The solution to show the total that adjusts to all the filter is to use at least one measure for the issue filtering. The formula would be the following:

Sum (
[Measures].[Issues created]>0),
[Measures].[% Dedication Q1 PM IT]

Note that I changed the construction of the iteration to use the Descendants function (although, your previous construction would also be fine) and replaced the filter on the Project manager to the Issues created. This filter now should automatically apply the context of the report from rows, pages, and columns.

Janis, eazyBI support

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