Filter issues by type and text property


I am new to eazyBI reports, excuse my probably dumb question.
Currently I have a simple report that displays the number of ‘Bug’ issues per status:

I want to modify it so it only counts the ‘Bug’ issues whose custom field ‘Customer ID’ is not empty.
It seems pretty simple but I didn’t manage to get the expected result.

Can anyone shed some light on my problem?

Thank you very much in advance!


You would like to import Customer ID as a dimension into eazyBI. You can use this dimension on pages and select all customers from there with multiple selections. eazyBI will create a member (none) to represent that there is no customer in the issue.

You can create a calculated member where you group all customers Except (none).

    [Customer ID].[Customer ID].Members,
    [Customer ID].[(none)])]

Then you can select this calculated member for a report and use as a Pages selection. It will filter out issues with customers.

Please check if dimension name and level Customer ID is correct one.

Daina /


Hello Daina,

Thank you for your support. I was investigating and it appears that I cannot import Customer ID as a dimension due to the field type definition in Jira (it is a free text field).
Is there any other thing that I can try?

Thank you again :slight_smile: