Filter Issues In Pages Custom Field

I’m trying to generate a report for escalations for a team in our group. For all our other teams we use a special issue type that makes the filtering of escalations really easy. This report displays the issues resolved, opened and average resolution day metric.

For the teams where we have the custom issue type I just added a filter at the page level for the issue type and everything works as expected. For this team, they use a custom field on the “Bug” issue type that when not empty indicates that this bug is a Customer Escalation. I’d like to accomplish the same thing, where I just have a page filter that filters out any of the Bugs that don’t have the Support Case field filled out.

I’ve added a custom field as a Measure and Dimension for this field “Support Case(s)” as a String data type. I’ve added this dimension to my report as a page filter but I can’t do what I want which is to create a calculated member for this page to capture issues where this field is set to “(none)”. I’ve tried the following but it doesn’t seem to work:

    [Support Case(s)].[Support Case(s)].Members,
    [Measures].[Issue Support Case(s)] <> '(none)'

I’ve tried it as a “<>”, “matches” and nothing gets returned whenever I try to filter on this measure. I know I’m doing something wrong but just can’t seem to figure it out.

Hi @kungfuice ,

I think it would work with the Aggregate(Except) formula.

[Status].[Status].Members, -- Dimension to aggregate
 { [Status].[Closed] }  -- List members to exclude

Hope this helps,