Filter issues using summary which contains a specific word

I want to define a new calculated member to Filter issues using summary which contains a specific word.
I tried this but it took longer time and suggested to optimize.

  [Issue].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ".*TEST.*"

I already have a JIRA filter for the same but not sure how to use it in eazyBI.

Any idea would be appreciated.

Calculated members in Issue dimension might lead to performance problems. if you have a specific measure, you can use issue level calculations and use this filter directly in each formula.

For example, you can use this formula instead of Issues created:

    [Issue].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ".*test.*"
      [Measures].[Issue created date],
  [Measures].[Issues created]

Please note, issue level calculations might need additional filtering by properties in larger accounts. They can still work slow.

You can also consider using some javaScript calculated custom field that will mark issues with specific values in summary during import. See thread here:

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