Filter Issues which doesn't contains label regex test1 and test2 .Query TimeOut Exception when i Drill

I would like to create a calculated measure that returns the issues doesn’t contain the label regex test1 and test2 and Status should not be Closed. I tried the following measure but I am getting a 60-sec query timeout exception when I drill through issue . Is there any better way to do it without getting a timeout exception??

Tried Sol1:
[Label].CurrentMember.Name NOT MATCHES ‘.test1 .’ AND
[Label].CurrentMember.Name NOT MATCHES ‘.test2.
),([Measures].[Issues created])

Tried Sol2:
Descendants([Label].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Label].[Label]),
[Label].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ‘.test1 |test12.
),[Measures].[Issues created]

Please help me out!! Thanks in Advance


We discussed this question within a support ticket. There is a short summary.

When dealing with multivalu fields (like labels) and there is a need to find issues not having some values or having a specific combination of the values, then the best solution is creating a new calculated JavaScript custom field, where all the logic is described in the JavaScript code, how the issues should be grouped accordingly their labels. Read more:

With JavaScript, you can add as many conditions as you need in the code and create as many custom field values you need: if Condition A, then value AA, if condition B, then value BB. etc. Based on that, all issues would be marked with value AA, BB etc or (none) if none of the conditions would be applicable for the issue. In other words, the JavaScript custom field is the way how you group issues by your custom conditions.

Then, after data import, where you import this new custom field as a dimension, you would get all those values AA, BB, CC as dimension members you could use for filtering reports. You can use this filter together with other dimensions in Pages, also with default Labels for additional filter options.

You may want to check out other community threads about counting issues based on labels informations, for instance, this one: Getting a count of a specific issue type that has a combination of labels

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