Filter issuetypes by formatting subtasks that come from stories

Hello community,

I have an issuetype that has a “subtask” hierarchy (its name is block), it can be attached to stories or tasks. In addition, this field has 2 states (Active and finished).

I need to be able to calculate the blocks that are in the active state and come from stories (and not tasks).

I leave an image as an example in which I am working, currently it shows me the general locks (not as I need it, which are only those that come from the stories)


@martins.vanags @gerda.grantina @zane.baranovska


Try creating a new calculated measure using this formula:

Not IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue parent key])
[Issue Type].[Issue Type].getMemberNameByKey(
  [Issue.Sub-task].CurrentMember.Parent.get('Issue type ID')
) = "Story"
[Measures].[Transitions to status]

Martins / eazyBI