Filter JIRA Tickets based on start date

Hi all,

i have my eazyBi connected to Jira and have tons of tickets. I am organizing my work using a Field “Start Date” (Date Picker) in Jira.
When i do a timeline report eazyBi always takes the created date of the ticket. But thats wrong for me, because only the start date tells me when i did the work and not the created date.
What i need is kind of filter:
Give me for the chosen time periode the tickets with a specific Issue Type (Parts_Exchange) and the start date is within this chosen time periode (eq. last week)

Can somebody pls help me?

BR, Herbert

Hi @HeWe ,
You need to select your customfield as a measure in eazyBI import options and after import, you will have Issues with start date measure, which you can use together with the Time dimension to see the count of issues per selected Time period.
See more here: Custom Fields - eazyBI for Jira

Gerda //

Hi Gerda,

thanks a lot for this clarification. Have a nice start in this week.

BR, Herbert

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