Filter list of multiple assignees


I created a report where I was able to add a matches filter with multiple names.

However, how do I go and define a new calculated member that can match the list of multiple users I need? I have been trying to generate a new calculated member and can’t get it to work. :confused:

Thank you!


I would suggest using page filters instead of matches. With “Pages” functionality a dimension can be set up in rows and pages at the same time and with “Multiple” option you can select multiple people. Please see the image below.

Similarly, when trying to include members in your MDX calculation I would suggest just to bookmark the members and the use then in Aggregate({}) function. Please see example below.

  [Assignee].[Monica Walker],
  [Assignee].[Patrick Lewis],
  [Assignee].[Sandra Adams]

I hope that helps!
Gvido Neilands

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