Filter None from a custom field

I have a custom field called Teams and selecting selecting all Teams has a value of None that I want to filter out as an option and having a hard time figuring out the calculated members to filter only that value from the list.

Hi Brian,

For such calculation, you would use Except(…) function in Team dimension. The formula would be similar to following


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Hi Lauma,

I’m dealing with similar issue- but it doesn’t work for me. my calculate member is:

[Reporter].[system validation],

issues which appear(aggregate) in “customers” shouldn’t be appeared(aggregate) in “system validation” - Prevent overlap

Hi Maya,

Both arguments of Except(…) function should be sets, but in your formula, I see the [Reporter].[system validation] is a member from Reporter dimension. If this is also a set of Reporters and you wish to exclude set of Customer reporters, you should use ChildrenSet(…) function as follows

  ChildrenSet([Reporter].[system validation]),

Lauma /