Filter on a relative date range

I want to create 3 reports with the following data:
Issues Due in the current week (Monday through Sunday of current week)
Issues Due in previous week (Monday through Sunday of previous Week)
Issues Due This month.

I am using this page as a reference but can not figure out the text to use for this.
I tried beginning of last week and end of last week, that didn’t work. I tried copying the examples in and that did not work either.

How would I format this to pull the dates I need?

Hi Jenifer,

You can create calculated members in Time dimension and use them in reports to see the time periods as you mention.

The calculation for the current week would have the following formula:


Similarly, the formula for the previous week:


Please, note to create the member in the right (weekly) hierarchy:

Similarly, the formula for the current month (note, the default hierarchy):

Your reports might look like this:

Janis, eazyBI support