Filter out on table for overdue issues

i am using easybi pulling info from jira and want to make a report that will only show me issues that meet either of these two conditions 1. The due date has to be before today and it has no date complete 2. The due date has to be before the date complete date. Date complete is a custom field that i have in jira where people will insert the day they completed their issue. I want to see an issues table that will only populate the issues that meet the criteria i mentioned above. This is an important part of my reporting that I am making so any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @Hiro,

Thanks for posting your question!

Based on your description, we suggest using the following MDX:

  [Measures].[Issue due date],
) < 0
AND IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Complete Date])
  [Measures].[Issue due date],
  [Measures].[Issue Complete Date]
)  < 0

This code will return value “1” if the issue matches one of the two conditions:

  • The issue is past due and not yet complete or

  • The issue’s completion date is later than its due date.

I hope this helps!

Marita /