Filter ssues that have both Component 1 AND Component 2


In one report, components are used both for the process name and a team name. We want to filter issues both by a specific process and specific team. However, when using the multi-select in pages, that will gives me all issues with that specific process and all issues with that specific team and not both. In other words, I want issues with component 1 AND component 2 rather than issues with component 1 OR component 2. I only want the orange section in the image below, but I’m getting the whole diagram.

How can I achieve this? Thanks!

Hello @tzengtif,

I just created a report to test my suggested solution:
I used IssueAll hierarchy level membersIssue for the rows and Issue components as measure. In the table view you can left click at the issue components columns and select filtermatches. Then you can enter a regex like:


Since the components appear to be in alphabetical order, you can use a shorter regex:


I hope this helps.


The following custom measure counts the :

If your report uses the Issue dimension, you can utilize the feature that multiple value fields’ multiple selections give the number of how many members match the selection. In the case if you must filter two specific components, you can see that Issues created with the filter gives “2” for the issues with both components:

Applying the row filter gives the issue list:

For counting such issues without the issue dimension in the report, the same logic must be implemented in the formula:

  [Measures].[Issues created]=2

Now the count works with any report, provided both components are used in the page filter:

Janis, eazyBI support