Filter subtask hours spent by parent issue type

I’m trying to create a custom measure / design a report where the column shows a sum of hours logged on subtasks where the parent task is a Bug vs. a Story. I’m fine if it’s two different measures, however i can’t figure out the right calculated formula which can access those items.

The report can show hours spent or hours spent with sub-tasks but I cannot get the calculation of “Hours spent” (time logged on sub-tasks) to be shown whether it was time on subtasks related to bugs or time on subtasks related to stories.



You could define and import new dimension “Parent issuetype” and then filter issues by the type of the parent.

name = “Parent Issue type”
source_dimension = “Issue type”
issue_id_column = “subtask_parent_id”
group = “Linked issue dimensions”

Then it is safe to use the “hours spent” measure and split it by “Parent issuetype” dimension members. Sub-task hours should be grouped under the type of their parent.

Martins / eazyBI