Filtering a dimension by Summary that contains the word Content

Hi @rodjay5,

A summary is a free format text and not well suited for filtering data. Anyhow, there are several options to do this.

You can define a new calculated measure in Measures that would go through all issues and check on the Summary field for each. This is quite a resourceful calculation and might impact report performance. (More details here in the documentation: Calculated measures)
Please see this community post for more details on this solution:

A better solution would be to precalculate (group) issues with specific text pattern in a summary and import this grouping as a new dimension using a Javascript calculated custom fields. This is a better solution as it would not impact report performance and you may reuse this dimension with any Measure already available. (More details here in the documentation: JavaScript calculated custom fields)
Please see this community post for a similar solution and JavaScript code example:

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