Filtering a Epic Progress Percentage Complete Measure

I have a bar report to show the epic progress percentage complete custom measure. How can I create a filter to sort the percentage complete from 0% to 100% value?
Here is the epic progress percent complete definition for my report.
([Measures].[Hours spent] + [Measures].[Remaining estimated hours]) > 0
[Measures].[Hours spent],0
) /
([Measures].[Hours spent] + [Measures].[Remaining estimated hours])

Hi @Aaron

Thank you for your question!

​I recommend switching to the table view and ordering the particular measure by Ascending (learn more here - Create reports)

Once done so, this is how your report might look:

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Elita from

@Elita.Kalane - It is not very clear. Please suggest an easy way to have a Epic Progress report. The structure is: we have Epics, and under each Epic we can have multiple stories. So we want see the progress percentage of all Epics in one view.

Hi Elita,

It works now. Thanks so much.


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