Filtering test tickets

Hi there!

I´m pretty new at EazyBI and I´m looking for a solution to exclude internal Test Tickets from my KPI reports. How do you normally solve this problem:

  • filtering in calculated measures? If so, do you have to exclude test tickets from all measures (created ,due, resolved…)?. How would you do that? Could you please provide an MDX expression to exclude issues with the word “Ticket” in the title?

  • Or, Do you filter them from the source data import?

Many Thanks in advance.

The best option would be to import only issues you would like to use for your reports. You can use JQL query in import options to exclude any issues you would like to omit in your reports.

While there is an option to use MDX calculations to split internal and external issues using issue calculated members with function MATCHES on issue member name, they might give you unnecessary complexity for reports you would like to avoid.

You can always consider defining a new JavaScript calculated custom field during data import if you would like to split Internal and external issues in reports and analyze them side by side.

Daina /

Thanks a lot Daina, thant´s really valuable information.
Is it possible then to exclude issues by an Insight Custom Field in the JQL Query import?

I would like to exclude all issues which have the Location = “City - XYZ”; where Location is an insight Custom Field.
I´m trying with following JQL Query, but it shows me an error=

Location =! “City - XYZ” -> Including special characters.

Thanks for any help!

eazyBI uses regular Jira JQL queries in import. If you are in doubt how JQL query works, you can test it in Jira Issue navigator.

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