Filtering values from imported custom field multi-choice list


I’m trying to create a report where the column will display only the Brand 1 that I will choose, bypassing the other Brands (Brand 2, Brand n) , but I can’t filter it in any way, since in any case, it pulls all the variants that I have chosen in multi-list in Jira. It works correctly, I mean I can filter the issues only with Brand 1, but in the same time, these issues that have two or more different Brands (Brand 2, Brand n) are also displayed in this row and I need to exclude them because the display of another brand except the chosen one in the report is not allowed. Please tell me how to filter these values. I need to either hide or exclude the excess or is there a way to select and display only what I specify?

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Brand 1, Brand 2, Brand n.

Hi @Alex_Zhivago

You may want to import this dimension as a CSV dimension, so all combinations of how brands are actually assigned to your issues are imported as dimension members. In that case, value “Brand 1” would be only for issues that has only this brand added.

How to import csv dimension:

  1. In your account, import options custom field list, find custom field “Brand”, click on edit in Advanced options for this field: Custom field import options
  2. add advanced setting csv_dimension = true : Advanced settings for custom fields
    Save settings.

  1. Perform data import in the account.

  2. After data import, you will see a new “Brand CSV” dimension (under Custom fields, in addition to the dimension “Brand”) listing all combinations. Use this new dimension in the report page and select value Brand1 to get issues with a single brand Brand1 selected.

See in the example; I have 46 issues that have only one fruit (apple) selected, and more having apple as one of several options. I would use this member “Apple” to filter issues in the report that has only this fruit selected.


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