Find issues that have changed after being closed

Hello All,

I am trying to find a measure combination that would let me know what issues have had their issuetype changed after the resolution has been set?

Is that data something I can retrieve with the measures that come out of the box or would I have to create a new measure for that data?

Hi, @JP_Pin

To find out the issues, that have the IssueType changed after the resolution has been set from (unresolved) to resolve, please create a new calculated measure use the formula:

First, we go through resolution and get the set that has the resolution set from (unresolved) to any using Filter

Then, we check the transition with the Issuetype field using a tuple.

  DescendantsSet([Resolution].CurrentMember, [Resolution].[Resolution]),
  [Resolution].CurrentMember.Name <> "(unresolved)"
  [Transition Field].[Issuetype],
  [Measures].[Transitions to]

Please read more about DescendantsSet here: DescendantsSet