FixVersion Report with Release Date and Prior FixVersion Release Date

Trying to create a report showing the Release Date for each FixVersion and then the release date for the prior release.

Screen shot below of calculated measure in the FixVersion Dimension to filter and order the desired list of FixVersions.

Screen shot below of calculated measure in the Measures Dimension to try to get the prior FixVersion Release Date.

Screenshot of desired report showing error.

As you can see I have tried PrevMember but cannot get it to work. I think this is a simple thing but cannot figurer it out. Help

Hi @Speedydgon ,
You can take an idea from here on how to create the measure you are looking for:

To get the prior date you need to add -2 in the formula:

ChildrenSet([Fix Version].[Ordered release dates]).Item(
  [Fix Version].CurrentMember,
  ChildrenSet([Fix Version].[Ordered release dates])  
).get('Release date')

In the report it looks like this:

Gerda //

The -2 is the part I needed. Got it working. And just in time as we use this for some end of month release metrics so it will come in handy for May. Thank you so much!

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Will this show the prior release date after selecting ‘Released’ and picking a new release date for that specific FixVersion?