Forecast and Management Reports

Dear Support, @ilze.leite @daina.tupule

I am new to EazyBI and I need to create and demo the Project Prediction Report. This chart is exactly what I am looking for and what we were gonig to have to penibly do in Excel. It’s all relatively urgent, of coruse - demo on Thursday morning CET.

So the question is, how do I proceed? I see on your website that it seems to be available as a kind of template within the Forecast and Management Reports, but I dont see these in my version (free trial). How can I access the chart template? I would really appreciate if we could have a call on this, since I fear the writing side of it will take longer and per phone / screen sharing we can flow more info and more precise in less time…

My number is +4915205768581
Would be great to hear you,
Best, Ren

Hi @Ren

Great that you already have found the report that suits you in the demo account.
You may want to export the Project Prediction Report definition and import it into your account: the report will be opened with your data there:

Also, a video how to do that:

Ilze /

Many many thanks Ilze! - I have done it and it works. Superb. Been looking to create this one for a while… :slight_smile:

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HI all,

how can i change the forecast time. i imported the report , but on my x-axis only have 1 week in the future. in the example it is going more than 40 weeks. so in my case i can not see the cross point between issue history and rolling forecast. But this is needed. How can i extend the x-axis more to the future?
BR, Herbert