Forecast resources from excel

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I honestly have no clue about how to proceed with this activity, you’re my only hope :slight_smile:

I have an excel file and I need to import it in order to create a resource management dashboard. The file is something like this:

Per each user I have the percentage of its time allocated to a different project and his/hers start and end date on that particular project.
I was asked to create a dashboard (we are using eazyBI for Jira) that shows when a resource is allocate to what project and in which percentage, in order to understand if and when a resource can be allocated in a specific percentage to a new project.

Is there a way to import data in eazyBI, and to elaborate them in one or more graphs, that answer to this need?

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I would recommend using a different structure of the data source to implement such a use case.
eazyBI cannot import an unknown number of columns, so it is impossible to create a complete data mapping if we do not know how many columns (projects) are in the data source. In your case, that would mean to have the Project column in the data source and map it as another dimension.

One more adjustment would be needed to use the Time dimension in the report properly. Having only the start and end dates makes it difficult to map the data to the Time dimension and use it for reporting. Instead, a separate row for each period would make the data import and mapping more straightforward in eazyBI.

The following data source would be much more convenient for eazyBI:

The data mapping screen looks like this:

Now I can have a report like this to see the allocations by user:

Janis, eazyBI

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Thank you @janis.plume, it worked perfectly!!