Format calculated member according to value


Please, I need to get numbers in Integer Only but If it is decimal so keep it decimal. So can you help me to do that?
For example:
Orange bar: It must be 7, 19, 107.5 & 69.5 NOT 7.00, 19.00, 107.50 & 69.50


There is an option to select formatting for calculated members:

I hope that help,
Gvido Neilands,


In this case, you could try creating a new user-defined calculated member in “Measures” dimension using custom formatting


But using this approach, unfortunately, it would not be possible to hide the dot for integer numbers in such custom formatting.

Martins / eazyBI team

thanks for your help on this. We appreciate this a lot!

Here integer formatting would return rounded integer numbers. I believe, customer expects to show integer format only for numbers where they don’t have decimal parts (at least that is what I can read from the requirement)

For example,
6.00 should be displayed as 6
7.82 should be displayed as 7.82

Integer format would show 6 and 8 as results
Therefore the custom formatting (see my comment below) is the only option we could come up with.


This one worked thanks but for integer it will not work as this is mandays graph so 0.5 day will count so I need decimal and integers