Frequency of Jira Xray imports in EazyBI


I’ve more than one custom fields in “Test Execution” and “Test” issuetype on Jira side. I execute a few Tests in the Test Execution on Jira side on Day 1. EOD of Day 1 the Test Execution data gets imported to eazyBI. I then realise that updates to few custom Fields of “Test Execution” and some custom filed on “Test” are incorrect so I update both of them on Jira side. Would this updated data (custom fields updates) not get imported in eazyBI through EOD jobs? Is there a setting in configuration that I need to look at to ensure the updates are imported on eazyBI side?

Hi @aspandit

The daily (regular) data import should import all changes in the issue custom fields, including XRay custom fields.
If you use XRay import for Jira Cloud, then there are hourly process events, that refresh only the main data. Read here: Data from Jira
Nevertheless, the daily data import should import all changed custom field information.

Another case is if you have made changes in the custom field configuration - then you need to run full data import. Read here: Data from Jira

If the daily imports are run, but XRay data are not updated, please, write to for further troubleshooting.