Generating a Report By Filtering Parent Issues to display Sub-Tasks

Hello! Is there a way to generate a report filterable by Parent Issues to display data from their sub-tasks?

For example:

Parent Ticket (PT-1) has 4 subtasks (PT-5, PT-6, PT-7, PT-8) and we want to display a couple custom fields accessible by the Measures dimension. I want to be able to see the following:

Filter [Parent Tickets (PT-1)]

Issue Key | Custom Field 1 | Custom Field 2
PT-5 | CF 1 Data | CF 2 Data
PT-6 | CF 1 Data | CF 2 Data
PT-7 | CF 1 Data | CF 2 Data
PT-8 | CF 1 Data | CF 2 Data

Any help would be appreciated!