Get average transition to status by sprint

We’re having this kind of report of sprint, it shows (among other) the fix on fix score with is basically how much time an issue came to a status called Ready For QA.
We’re tracking this score sprint by sprint.

Is there a way to show only this value (average fix on fix, which is = (average transition to status-1)) and to have this score for each sprint ? we want to have this kind of table :

  • Sprint Name
  • average transition t status (status = ready for QA)


Hi @Hamza,

The Transitions to status are related to the Issue sprint as well. Meaning, that if you use Sprint dimension, only the transitions that the issue did while it was related to the Sprint will sum.

So the following tuple together with the Sprint dimension should give you what you are looking for

  [Measures].[Transitions to status],
  [Transition Status].[Ready For QA]

Lauma /