Get data for when issues pass from 'In Test' status to 'In Development' status

In Jira we have two statuses called ‘In Test’ and ‘In Development’. We would like to create a report in eazyBI that will tell us the number of times within a certain time frame the status of an issue was changed from ‘In Test’ to ‘In Development’. We would also like to report on the time (# of days) issues stayed in this status and be able to drill down to the users so we can see which users are taking issues that are ‘In Test’ status and reassigning them to ‘In Development’ status. We do have the history of statuses being imported every 15 min. Thanks.

Hi @alanv25,

With eazyBI you may analyze the history of transition status of issues. For example, to see how many issues have changes status from “In Testing” to “In Development” in a particular period, use dimensions Time and Transition with measure Transitions to status issue count in your report. You may see those data also by users who changed the status by using dimension Transition Author. To get a list of issues which had a particular transition in a selected period, click on a value in the report and select option Drill through issues.

You may also analyze time issues spent in s each status using measures Days in transition status or Average days in transition status.

For more details on available measures and dimensions for change history analyses, please see the documentation:

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