Get hours spent per month

I’m trying to create a measure that will show me the “hours spent” measure for specific month.
I have the “Time” dimension in my report’s pages, and I want that the new measure will fit this filter.
For now what I have is (example):
[Measures].[Hours spent],
[Time].[Month].[Jan 2023]

This is showing me the data only for January 2023. I want something that automatically will get the data according to the filter in the time page.
Thank you!

Hello @Aviv_Eldad

​Measure “Hours spent” already interacts with Page filters. It seems that you have written a Tuple function, that captures hours spent for January. In this case, your measure will only display results for January, because that is what is indicated in the formula.
I recommend selecting the standard measure “Hours Spent” and add Time dimension in filters.

Best wishes,

Elita from

Hi Elita,
Thank you, I will try that