Get percentage of issues in each status/total issues created for a specific Sprint and Project

Good afternoon.

I am new in eazyBI and I am trying to create a formula, but I do not see how to do it.

Issues created: 11
Project: Salesforce
Sprint: Tablero Sprint 1

I’d like to do this:

  1. EN PROGRESO BAR 2/11 = 18,18%
  2. HECHO 3/11 = 27,27%
  3. POR HACER 4/11 = 36,36%
  4. SUBIR A PRODUCCIÓN 1/11 = 9,09%
  5. VALIDACION 1/11 = 9,09%

And show the bars for each status by the total issues created for a specific Sprint and Project. Anyone has an idea on how to do it?

Thank you!!!

Hi @fprat

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

If you are creating a report for ongoing sprints, then use, in columns, measure “Issues created” together with the Status dimension in rows. Project and Sprint select in Pages for filtering report.

Use option Add calculated → % from total, and the column with “Issues created %” would be automatically created. After that, you can remove “Issues created.”. Read documentation: Add calculated

Then switch to the Bar chart, add data labels.

If you want to get information about closed sprints, use one of Sprint scope measures (Sprint issues committed, Sprint issues at closing) and Transition status dimension instead of “Issues created” and Status. Read in the documentation: Sprint scope measures

Ilze /