Gettig Time out error after using the Custom measure with multi filters

Hi Team,

Have used the below measure to show the count of issues which are not added to Sprint commited it shows the correct result but if i apply the filters like projects to statuses am getting time out error or it takes much to show the result. Could you please help me on this

–go through set of issues
–check that issue has been in some sprint
NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Sprints])
), --sum up added issues
CASE WHEN --issue was not commited to sprint
IsEmpty([Measures].[Sprint issues committed])
THEN --sum up added issues
[Measures].[Sprint Issues Added Count]

Padma K


Why would you choose this complex formula for your calculations?
See the documentation page on sprint scope measures:

I believe you can select the just measure “Sprint issues added” and it would count issues added to sprint and not count committed issues.

Martins / eazyBI