Getting a measure to indicate "Total row"

Hi Everyone hope you’re doing well.

I’m trying to achieve the following

  • I have a custom calculated measure, [Measures].[Total Invoiced USD] it’s shown at issue level. By using the built in “Total” feature I get the Sum across all the issues.

Is there a way to get that Value (the total I mean) in a new column/measure already aggregated at the Project level?

The idea is to then be able to just use that value across time on a bar graph.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Esteban_Halabi ,
Can you please share your custom formula for the “Total Invoiced USD” measure?

I guess that it calculates the value only at the issue level and is based on issue properties. To see the value aggregation at the project level, you can use the Descendants() function that is used together with Filter() and Sum()
The idea is to have the end formula like this (but without seeing details on what is used in “Total Invoiced USD,” I cannot comment further).

    Descendants([Issue].Currentmember, [Issue].[Issue]),
   --add filter conditions
  --add value by what to sum the issues

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