Getting Count of Inbound/Outbound References in Insight

Hello, I am new to eazyBI - just wondering if there’s a way where I can get a count of inbound references in Insight.

Use case:

  1. I have location objects with latitude longitude attributes and would like to just get a count of the number of laptops referencing my location objects and view it on the map.

Your answers may be in the documentation:



Hello Fabian,

Thank you for your reply - I have looked over the documentation but there doesn’t seem to be anything regarding inbound references in there.

eazyBI supports outbound reference import in Insight data cube. This will support grouping any objects by outbound reference objects.

In your case, you would like to import outbound reference Location for Laptop as dimension (an property). eazyBI should create a dimension Laptop Location (the dimension name could be different for inherited attributes).

You can use this dimension on Rows to Count Laptop objects by each Location. eazyBI does not have a default access to object properties for dimensions created by object attributes by default. You can use calculated measures to access Location Longitude and Latitude.

Here is an example formula on how to get Laptop Location Longitude:

  [Laptop Location].CurrentMember.Key
  ).get('Laptop Longitude')

You would like to use a correct dimension name Laptop Location and correct (case sensitive) property for Laptop Longitude and Laptop Latitude.

You can use Map (OpenStreetMap) to see those point on the map. You should see details (from any other column about this location) when you mouse over each individual data point (location).

Daina /

Hi @daina.tupule,

You mentioned Outbound references, but how about the inbound references? I tried using your example, but I get no results.