Getting last update of custom field

I’m trying to do the fallowing thing. Create a measure that will show last update data of one of the custom fields.
Field name in JIRA: Delivery Owner comments
Field name in eazyBI: Issue Delivery Owner comments
Field ID: 21702

Based on what I have already found in community posts is that:

  1. I should add in Advance setting a option to import data for this field with separate table and changes so I have been done that:
    data_type = “string”
    dimension = true
    separate_table = true
    changes = true
  2. I have created the calculated measure with such code
    ([Measures].[Transition from last timestamp],
    [Transition Field].[Issue Delivery Owner comments],

And the result is that I have empty column without any data.

Hi @MariuszKoprowski ,

I suspect you reference the wrong Transition dimension member. The custom field you imported with the value changes is called “Delivery Owner comments”. If you don’t change its name in the eazyBI advanced settings, that is how you should address it in the calculated measure:

  ([Measures].[Transition from last timestamp],
  [Transition Field].[Delivery Owner comments],

“Issue Delivery Owner comments” is the Issue dimension property name for the field. You may have mixed the custom field name with the property name.

Roberts //