Getting "mmm dd yyyy" as a value instead of sum


I have what I thought an easy task, but can’t quite make it out:

We have a jira custom numeric field with word count in text. It is imported in eazyBI as a measure.
Now, when I add a Time dimesion, I want to have a sum of this word count field values to be shown in the report for each month (based on Issue created date, for instance).

Here is the what I wrote so far:

  [Measures].[Issue created date],
  [Measures].[Word count]

But for some reason it gives me the “mmm dd yyyy” in every row instead of numeric values and a sum. Any suggestions?

Here is how it looks like:

Thank you.

Nevermind. Changing the field format to Numeric fixed it. It used date format as default somehow.

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If you do not specify the measure formatting, then the Mondrian engine that we use tries to guess the formatting from the formula. In this case, the first measure used in the formula is [Measures].[Issue created date] which has a date formatting and therefore this formatting was used for the new measure.

Therefore it is safer always to specify the formatting explicitly.