Getting Transition of Bug Type

I’m looking to build a report where i have the transitions for the actual Bug Type.

I have one for the status transitions by author, time, amount of time in each status, etc.

Looking to see if it is possible to build one that would have something like Issue id / date it was created as a defect / then a column that was the date it was changed to an Enhancement.

I’ve been through multiple options but it doesn’t appear the Bug Type history is actually available to be used for this.

Any thoughts?


Hi @DennisT ,

If the “Bug Type” custom field is a single value custom field, you can enable value change import for it. See the eazyBI documentation page on how to do that - Import issue change history - eazyBI for Jira.

After following the suggestions in the documentation and importing the field value changes, you can define new calculated measures to retrieve the dates the field value was changed the first or last time. See an example with the custom field “T-shirt size” below:

  [Measures].[Transition to first timestamp],
  [Transition Field].[T-shirt size],
  [T-shirt size].[XS],

The report could look similar to the one below:

Roberts //