Getting warnings while importing eazyBi report source data

In eazyBi report source data import we see the below error message:

Issue XYZ-1 worklog table rows count 101091 is larger than 100000. Only basic measures will be imported

As per one of the vendor recommendation, Added these lines in [advanced settings] definition [jira] max_issue_worklog_measure_rows = 200000 post that enable and disable the plugin also but no luck. Also on checking the eazybi.toml file we couldn’t see anything under [database.advanced]. Anybody faced similar issues or any recommendations please


eazyBI expects that the size of the changelog and worklog for each issue should not exceed a reasonable limit. 100K is the default limit, and you can increase that using the setting. However, increasing the limit may result in consuming a significant amount of memory during data import which impacts the Jira runtime. So, the parameter must be applied with caution.

If you see the message during data import, it means that Hours spent will not be generated for this issue. There is a similar error message in the case if the changelog size exceeds the limit; in such a case, no historical measures (e.g., Issues history, Transitions to/from, Days in Transition status) will not be created for this issue.

Janis, eazyBI support