Graph with "Transition To" per week


I’m trying to create a new graph that display, for each week, how many issues (Epics, I only have epics in this project) have been transited to.
By exemple, I wish to know how many issues have been “done” this week, or for another status.

I have try the following, but I have multiples problems:

  1. It display all the transitions, I only want the “final status”, like “Done” status. I do not care about which status it come from.
  2. When I try to select “weekly” I have no graph

Any help is very welcome :wink:

Hi @cdemez,

The “Issue epic status” looks like issue property holding the status name of the related epic. Those properties are not designed to analyze status transitions in ththe e past.

For your report you might want to make following changes:

  1. Use the measure “Transition to status issue count” and dimension “Transition Status” to see how many issues changed status in each period.
    Please see the documentation available measures and dimensions to analyse issue change history: Import issue change history

  2. Remove dimension “Status” which groups issues by their latest status only.

  3. The "Time dimension has several hierarchies, the default (Year, Quarter, Month, Day) and Weekly (Year, Week, Day). The “Time” dimension on report pages should use the same hierarchy as the "Time " dimension on report rows. For example, if you chose to show weekly data on report rows, select the Weekly hierarchy also on pages.

To catch up on how to build reports and how eazyBI works, check out a series of short training videos:

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