Group multiple projects

Hello - I’m new to eazyBI and I’m really confused how everything works. Basically my goal is to show how many issues have been committed vs how many have been completed.

The problem is my issues in the sprint are coming from 10 projects. there are similarities on some of those projects so I’d like to group them together… for example

Group 1 = Project 1,2,3
Group 2 = Project 4,5
Group 3 = Project 6,7,8,9,10

and then for each group I’d like to show the issues committed and issues completed

Hi @almigraso

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

You may want to create calculated members in the Project dimension where you aggregate projects in groups.

For instance, an example of the calculated member for Group 1:

  {[Project].[Project 1],
   [Project].[Project 2],
   [Project].[Project 3]}

Use the Sprint you were intended to use, and select the project group - only the issues from the group projects which were committed to the selected sprint will be counted to the report.

Ilze /