Grouping by sprint number


I have a set of sprints for each team like the following:

Team A - Sprint 1
Team B - Sprint 1
Team A - Sprint 2
Team B - Sprint 2

The total amount of sprints is not limited.

So, I need to get velocity for all teams witing single sprint number, like
Velocity 1 = (Velocity_Team_A_Sprint 1 + Velocity_Team_B_Sprint_2)
and so on…
Velocity N = (Velocity_Team_A_Sprint N + Velocity_Team_B_Sprint_N)

Thank you in advance.

Hi @antonio ,

I recommend you look at the following eazyBI community post - Aggregate Sprint By Name. There, a user faced a similar problem, and Zane suggested importing a new property for each Sprint member with the additional data import and creating a new hierarchy in the Sprint dimension based on that property.

Roberts //