Grouping tuples

i’m quite new in EazyBI so forgive me if my logic is wrong.
I need to show on report data about time spent and planned from JIRA/Tempo.
The specific need is that I have 3 kind of work king, so I need to make custom aggregation on different hierarchy level.
For example:
Category A: All project in category “Project management”
Category B: All project in category “Support” but only for issue type: “incident”,“problem”
Category C: Only project XYX"
I created tuples and it’s work well, but I have two kind of measures: [hours spent] and [tempo planned hours]
Now my report looks like:
Category A hours spent|5|
|Category B hours spent|10|
|Category C hours spent|7|
|Category A planned|13|
|Category B planned|18|
|Category C planned|2|

Is it possible to organize my tuples into columns to have Category A, Category B, Category C in rows, but “hours spend” and “planned” in columns? For example in this way?

Thanks in advance.


The solution for such a report seems not possible only by using tuples or aggregated members, mainly because of Category B, which differs from the two others because the condition is also on the Issue type.
The following approach would be recommended.

  1. Create calculated members for the categories in the Project dimension category hierarchy. That will look like this:

The formulas of aggregated members in this hierarchy can refer to project categories and specific projects. Here is an example of how to refer to a specific project from the project category:

  1. Now, we need to create a custom measure for filtering Hours by issue type in the case of Category B.
 [Project].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name="Category B"
  ([Measures].[Hours spent],[Issue Type].[Incident])
  ([Measures].[Hours spent],[Issue Type].[Problem])
[Measures].[Hours spent]

Janis, eazyBI support