Hello, When I use the work in progress and resolution overview for multiple projects it shows discreet gauges

Hi, When I use the work in progress and resolution overview it provides a set of gauges that sum all projects. However, 1 project must be excluded because it belongs to another division. As soon as I select multiple projects, in this case all, but 1. The report now displays 1 gauge per project (about 37) and not the sum of all selected projects as before. How can I consolidate all selected projects into a single gauge vs 1 gauge per project? Thanks!

Hi @Elizabeth_Jones

Like previously, you can define a new calculated member in the Project dimension that will aggregate all Project members Except one.

The formula would look along these lines:


Use this aggregated member in the report and you should see all projects consolidated into one pie.

Let me know if this fits your use case!
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Hmm I am still doing something wrong. When I use that it just creates a separate button called project and is still aggregating the data from all projects including the excluded one. I don’t think I’m grasping the concept quite right.

Hi @Elizabeth_Jones

When you’ve defined a new member in the Project dimension, it should be available to use in the report:

The resulting number of issues should represent All Project issues minus issues from the excluded project:

If you have some other dimension used in Rows, you can move the Project dimension to the Pages section and filter by the “Excluding D1” member.

Let me know if there are still any blockers for you!
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