Help defining a status of a member based on the previous day

Hello everyone, I am new here on this forum and starting with the EazyBI software package.

My current task is to have tests represented in a table and the tests status (Successful, Unsuccessful). The data is imported from Jira and I have made the table already with a weekly report as a column (Every Monday).

The issue I am facing is that the tests get executed only some days which leads to empty days. In those cases I would like to check the previous day and copy that days status. But I am not sure how to accomplish that. I have tried with some functions offered by the MDX manual but could not get to the bottom of it.

Ask if any further details are needed. And thank you for the help in advance.

Hi @OmniOne ,
My suggestion would be to use Time weekly hierarchy that would aggregate the measure by all weekdays and show the result. If needed, you can expand the week if you want to see when the test was executed:

The first date of the week is based on Time options in import settings.

But if this doesn’t work, could you give me more details about your report - what would you want to use in the report Rows and Columns and how would you like to filter your data?
More information and, preferably, a report example (screenshot and/or report definition) would help me better assist you.
You can send this information to our support mail.

Gerda //