Help! I am struggling to build a report to show the last assessment average score by team

I am struggling to build a report to analyze our assessment datas.
We have a periodic assessment with 84 statements grouped by 6 dimensions applied to all dev teams.
I imported the assessments excel files to EazyBI and I want to show the average scores by dimension and by team, only the last assessment in the row.

My Mapping:

I created a occurrence dimension in order to identify the number and the date of the assessment, but I was not able to get the last number to filter only the last assesment in a row.

In my test case, I have two teams. The ART Teste team has one assessment and the ART LACE team has only one:

Is there a way to get a tuple in a calculated measure like this
[Occurrence].[Last Occurrence],
[Measure].[Average Score]

I was not able to make a calculated member [Occurrence].[Last Occurrence]

This is a exemple I suppose is similar my case.

EazyBI version Version: 6.2.2
Jira Server 8.20