Help in measure creation

Hello all,

I need your help in creating multiple reports.
As data source I have connected a Jira application (which works fine).

  1. Basis/starting point for all reports should be the same - Identify a base set of issues:
    all issues which were either at some point in time assigned to a specific user or do have a specific value set as attribute.

Already here I am struggling to come up with a measure. I can use the predefined “transitions to assignee” - but I still want to add that OR condition of the specific value (custom field).
Could I use the Aggregate function?

  1. On topic of the list of issues identified in step 1), I want to (each point should be a different report):
    a) sort those tickets based on assignment date → this I can do with adding time dimension as a row
    b) group those tickets based on assignment range (e.g. assigned less than 10days, 20days, 30days ago)
    b) group those tickets based on priority
    c) which out of these tickets are now in a “closed” status and sorted based on closed date
    d) which out of these tickets are now in a “closed” status and group those tickets based on specific attribute values (custom field)

Thanks for helping!

Hi @lgthle ,
It sounds that you have some complex business logic behind this conditions and the best would be to try and implement this solution by using JavaScript caulculated customfield.
See more about this topic also in my colleagues Daina presentation: MDX vs JavaScript: Behind Complex Filters

The JavaScript calculated field should iterate through issue changelog history to retrieve the conditions you are interested in it. And after you have imported this into eazyBI you can use this measure in eazyBI together with predefined dimensions to create the reports you are interested in.

If you need further guidance please share more details by writing directly to eazyBI support:

Kind regards,
Gerda // eazyBI support