Help needed with calculated member formula (finding children)

First post here folks. I have lots of JQL experience, cutting my teeth with eazyBi…

This is what I have. The below is returning issues with a ‘work type classification’ value of run the engine
[Work Type Classification].[Run the Engine]

What do I need to do so that I can get the child issues of any issue with the above value?

If there is an epic with ‘run the engine’ as the value, I need to return all the child stories.


Hi, and welcome to our community!

One solution for this use case is implementing a new Javascript calculated custom field, creating a new dimension. In the new dimension, the Work Type Classification value is inherited down from epics to the stories. This solution is applicable if this field is of a single selection type.

Please, use the following advanced settings for this custom field:

name = "Work Type Classification from epic"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
if (issue.fields.customfield_NNNNN && issue.fields.customfield_NNNNN.value) {
update_from_issue_key = "epic_key"

Once you add those settings, you should see a new field available for data import.

After you import this field as the dimension, you should filter stories by the Work Type Classification of the epic using this dimension.

Janis, eazyBI support

Many thanks for the reply. Next question is, how & where do I apply/create that. custom field?

This custom field can be created using the advanced settings of eazyBI:

Jira admins or eazyBI admins can access this part of the configuration.

Janis, eazyBI support.

Ok, I am getting closer. My Work Type Classification field has a few values that I want to call out/bookmark. How could I call them out as bookmarks? The value are “Run The Engine”, “Enterprise Initiative”, and 'Feature Development"