Help with process to import linked issues

I have a project that has epics with a “Works with” link to feature issues. I want to add this link to my EazyBI cube for reporting.

In reading the documentation you give an example of code to create a new linked Dimension:

name = “Epic Fix Version”
source_dimension = “Fix Version”
issue_id_column = “epic_id”
group = “Linked issue dimensions”

but I am unsure where to place this code. You mention modifying the Advanced Setting screen with this image:

I do not see where to go to get to this screen. I am the owner of my EazyBI account, is that sufficient privilege’s or do I need to be the EazyBI software administrator?

Finally where specifically do I place the code snippet listed above? In the JQL Query box in the Source Data menu or somewhere in the advanced settings?



Hi Jeff,

“Advanced settings” are available only for Jira system administrators or eazyBI admins.
It would not be enough with just an owner role for the eazyBI account to change eazyBI advanced settings.

Your example would create a new dimension “Epic Fix Version” that would let you filter report results by the epic’s fix version.

But that won’t import Epic’s fix version to features linked with “Works with” link.
Perhaps you could add more details to your request on what are you trying to achieve when adding the link.

Please also read the documentation page about linked issue import.

Martins / eazyBI team

Hello and thank for the clarification on EazyBI roles.

In the Feature Issue we create an Issue Link “Works With” that points to feature summary in another project. I need to capture this issue link for reporting. Below is a screen shot of a JIRA Feature issue with the “Works With” issue link.

Below is what I think the code would look like with my comments:

name = “Feature Parent” - My name for the new dimension?
source_dimension = “Issue” - I assume this column is in the Issue dimension
issue_id_column = Links” - In JIRA Filters I can display this value in the Links column
group = “ ” - Unsure what the group is for


In this case, you won’t need to use link field dimension actually.
You would need to create a new calcualted field that imports linked features as a separate dimension (and property)
Please check the link direction for “Works with” in Jira (inward vs. outward) and use something like this: (leave the correct link direction inward or outward) in your advanced settings:

name = "Feature"
outward_link = "works with"
inward_link = "works with"
issue_type = "Feature"
update_from_issue_key = "parent_issue_key"
dimension = true

Then select the custom field “Feature” in the import options page and import as dimension and property.

Martins / eazyBI team

Hi @martins.vanags

In the same case as described by Jeffscudder, From the below image

I want to get only the linked issues attached to the parent issue the issue link type should be any. how to pull them.
can you please suggest any defination.

Did you try the code I sent above?
it would import links only using certain inward/outward links.
The rest of the linked issues are child issues and won’t be imported with this code above.

Martins /eazyBI