Help with raport from SQL

I have SQL data source in eazyBI maped like on photo. On this etap everything looks ok, but when I create report and use properties Nr Faktury or Typ i get one value for dimension Zadanie. How to fix this?


Hi @tbryla,

Thank you for screenshots.
Both rows are treated as one dimension member as they have the same key, therefore, in the report you see only one member. Also, during data import, only one “typ_transakciji” value would be added as a property of Zdanie (the last imported).

I would suggest doing the following:

  1. Importing “Typ transakciji” as a separate dimension (instead of importing it as a property of Zadanie dimension). Then in the report, you may want to add this “Typ transakciji” dimension to “Zadanie” dimension and you would get Zadanie values split by type of the transactions.
    In this case, you would need to map one date column as Time dimension (the main date you would want to count the measures to).
  2. Add, in the source, one more column “Counter”, where you always return value 1 for each row and import it as a Measure. In the result, you would get the measure with the number of Zadanie related to each type.

You can read more rules about data mapping in our documentation:–OnlyOneTimeDimension

Before you do the changes in production, it is highly recommended to try them in a new test account first. Mapping data to dimensions/measures is quite a tricky activity and usually is done with trial and error method.


Hi @ilze.leite ,
Thanks for help. I made this in different way and now I have this what i needed. Now i need help with another case. I have to check, is the bigest date form invoice of type Sprzedaz is bigger then bigest date from invoice of type Zakup. i have no ide how to do this, can you help me?

Hi @ilze.leite, any ideas?